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Location Feature #10

The Black Mage Village

The Black Mage Village  is a location on the Outer Continent in Final Fantasy IX populated by black mages who have become self-aware and desire a life of peace. The black mages lead a secluded life in their village concealed by the Dead Forest.

Black Mage Village is a round area in the forest, but you have to go all the way down and around to reach it.

Zidane and his party hear about self-aware black mages from the dwarves in Conde Petie and decide to search them out. A lone owl beckons them on, going down one of either two paths. The party eventually find the village, but the black mages are initially cold towards them.

Vivi will leave in the middle of the night, and Zidane will tell Dagger an abbreviated version of his life story.  The following morning, the party regroups and the mages tell them something about an area beyond Conde Petie.

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