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Hope you enjoy all the little things about the FF/KH universe! I'll post songs, pictures, quotes and a lot of other wonderful things about the games.

You can also request something, just put it into my Ask box!

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I’m yours forever.

I’m yours forever.

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"It’s time."

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Final Fantasy VII MBTI Types [2/2] (based on x)

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This scene is very very very important to me

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13周年 by rin


13周年 by rin

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you can't believe in everything you're told.
sometimes, it's nobody that wins.
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♚ - Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix Official Box Art

- Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix Official Box Art

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"Is this the power you seek?"

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FFVII - Nibelheim

FFVII - Nibelheim

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